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Marbella Lane is a premiere, full-service vacation rental property management company for luxury vacation homes across the US. Get in touch with us to see how much you could be making on your investment property.


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Other Vacation Rental Property Managers Rely on Near Term Discounted Booking to generate revenue. Marbella Lane generates higher revenue with a goal of not having to discount bookings. Personalized Boutique Rental Revenue that no one else in the world is doing. Marbella Lane’s data scientists leverage multiple pricing engines and stitch vacation rental market data together to create a comprehensive view of the potential profitability of each home we manage. We focus on filling calendars with minimal stay gaps through our pricing tools overlaid with seasonality and length of stay strategies while keeping a very close watch on pacing to ensure we exceed revenue goals. Our pricing, strategic marketing, and top-notch operations consistently deliver high-quality bookings and satisfied guests. Marbella’s revenue management proprietary processes are unlike any other revenue management system available today.

Where Luxury Meets Dedication: Marbella’s Unparalleled STR Hospitality Services

Owner Focuses Vacation Rental Hospitality

99% Owner Retention Rate

We are committed to satisfying the needs of our owners. We maintain a 99% owner retention rate!

Reliable Owner Support

We have a dedicated team providing 24/7 support as well as regular owner newsletters and a convenient online owner portal.

Unlimited Owner Use

Enjoy your vacation home as much as you’d like! As a property owner, you’ll have full control and access to your property’s calendar.

Customized Partnerships

We realize that each home is unique just like our owners. We are open to discussing customized hospitality partnerships that work for both you and Marbella Lane

Tim Speicher, Buoy Pricing, Co-Founder

This company is absolutely incredible, their operations are off the charts as you can see in their extremely high review scores. Their revenue percentile is extremely high all across the board and that consistency is something that is very, very difficult to do. If I were investing in homes today there is no one better I would trust with my asset than the Marbella Lane team. So if you are looking for a property manager, I can not recommend Marbella Lane highly enough. Your home will be in good hands.

Tim Speicher, Buoy Pricing, Co-Founder

List Your Property With Marbella Lane

List Your Property With Marbella Lane

You can earn at least 20% more from your rental property when you work with Marbella Lane. Speak to one of our team members today to see how much you can be earning.

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Partner With Marbella Lane And Our Vision

At Marbella Lane Vacation Rentals, our story is one of passion, innovation, and a deep-rooted love for travel and hospitality. Marbella Lane Vacation Rental started in 2016 when Yanan, one of the co-founders, sought to earn some extra income to support her entrepreneurial aspirations. She began by renting out an additional unit she owned and was surprised to generate $5,000-$6,000 in rental income within just one month. In 2017, Yanan acquired a Boutique Historical Hotel in SF that was severely underperforming. Here is where Yanan started working with the other co-founder Willy. Yanan had experience in the high end luxury retail space having been trained and managed a store for one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world, Hermes. Willy whose background in computer science having worked as a Sr. Systems Engineer and Technical architect allowed them to not only market and deliver a great luxury product, but also to use data, AI, and technology to create systems to provide a consistent luxury experience for our guests. In addition Willy created his own version of revenue management that stitches together multiple sources of data and uses AI to run booking scenarios that maximizes bookings for each individual home that is unlike any other revenue management system available today. An interesting note was they were one of the first to pioneer booking a whole hotel as a buyout on Airbnb. After maximizing the potential of the luxury hotel, they sold their interest and began purchasing short-term rentals in California. After years of managing properties in California, Yanan desired to expand into Hawaii having been a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It is still today her favorite vacation destination. Fast forward to the present day and Marbella Lane is proud to provide short-term rental hospitality to approximately 200 luxury listings nationwide. Marbella has a dedicated team working tirelessly to provide 24-hour hospitality and support. Our proprietary marketing and dynamic pricing strategy ensures optimal earnings for homeowners while delivering luxury hospitality that is founded in the Aloha spirit. We are proud to be a top 1% performer in revenue according to Airdna. Also we are Superhosts on Airbnb and hold similar top distinctions on other platforms. At Marbella Lane, we don't just manage wonderful properties—we cultivate relationships, take hospitality seriously, and always are looking to improve our service and provide an unforgettable destination experience. Whether you're a homeowner looking to maximize your property's potential or a guest seeking a getaway, Marbella Lane is here to exceed your expectations.

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We are a full-service vacation rental property management company. Get in touch with us to see how much you could be making on your investment property.


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